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Zhongke Electric successfully established academician workstation

source:Original    time:2016-05-04     Pageviews:1605

April 27 afternoon, Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd. and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Shiluo An innovative and successful team set up in the Division of Electrical academician workstation. In recent years, HunanZhongke Electric Co., Ltd. set up a "national post-doctoral research station,""electromagnetic Hunan Metallurgical Engineering Technology Research Center", "Hunan Metallurgy electromagnetic energy conversion technology engineering laboratory", with universities, institutes established long-term strategic partnership and technical cooperation to further enhance the strength of scientific and technological innovation, the company has a number of technology reached the international advanced level, fill the gaps, has won the national Science and technology progress Award 1, China Machinery industry Science and technology progress Award first prize 1 national Science and technology invention Award, a prize, a gold medal of China's patent, Hunan technology invention award 1. On this basis, the company is a joint Chinese Academy of Engineering and Shiluo An innovation team, set up in the Division of Electrical academician workstation, we will jointly committed to the special high-power electromagnetic stirring Cooperative power systems, new power electronic equipment and other aspects of the magnetic the breadth and depth of technology innovation and development.

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