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Slab secondary cooling zone electromagnetic stirrer

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High magnetic slab electromagnetic stirring roller (key recommendation - patent products)
* Electromagnetic stirring roller pair placed inside and outside the arc side of the arc-shaped slab, to pass two or three phase low-frequency current to produce molten steel slab within the linear motion along the direction of the strand cross-section.
* Sensor placed in the back-up roll, using flat line winding outside the cold water mode.
* Support rollers nonmagnetic, heat resistant high Cr-Ni stainless steel, excellent wear resistant properties, long service life.
* Easy to install, it is not affected by the continuous casting machine structure. DIMENSIONS ordinary roller identical and interchangeable.
* Patented product uses a 2.5-fold special magnetic shielding technology and non-technology alveolar structure, the electromagnetic force of similar foreign products。
Typical user: Wuhan Iron and Steel, Liuzhou Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel Puyang, Danzhou Wing Hang Chau stainless steel, Xinyu Iron and Steel, Taishan Steel

Plug-slab electromagnetic stirrer (key recommendation - exclusive products)
* Two opposing magnetic stirrer placed inside and outside the arc side of the slab, through the three-phase low-frequency current, respectively excite a traveling wave magnetic field, the same as its orientation, combined into a traveling wave magnetic field, the steel slab within the liquid to produce linear motion.
* The use of copper tube coil winding water cooling mode, the housing industry use soft water for cooling.
* Class H winding insulation all use more insulation, excellent performance, high reliability and long service life.
* According to different billet section size, easy to adjust the spacing stirring, stirring for a variety of thickness of the slab.
* Magnetic stirrer working head into the slit polyad special section full of small bearing rollers close to the slab, high magnetic efficiency, stirring power, metallurgy best. 

Typical user: Wuhan Iron and Steel, Baoshan Iron and Steel, Nanyang Han Ye Steel

Underwent magnetic slab roller wave electromagnetic stirrer
* Magnetic stirrer placed inside the curved arc billet side, through the three-phase low-frequency current to produce molten steel slab within the linear motion along the strand cross-section direction.
* Easy installation of caster change less able to move fast, easy breakout occurs in the machine even when the rapid shift away from the slab.
* Segments of the electromagnetic stirring roller bearing side must be replaced by a non-magnetic roller and slab far away from the working face, large power consumption, large investment.

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