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Radius billet solidification and magnetic stirrer

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Cold water inner brass ring core winding (key recommendation - exclusive products)

* Good metallurgical results.
* Easy installation, maintenance-free.
* Good insulation, insulation levels, long service life.
* High uniform cooling efficiency, less cooling water.
* Stirring area long, high magnetic field uniformity efficiency, suitable for stainless steel mixing, high alloy steel.
* Run the economy is good.  

Typical user: Shanghai No. 5 Steel, Tianjin Steel, Jiyuan Steel, Shandong Fouquet, Huaxi Village, steel, steel pipe Chengdu, Huaiyin Steel, Jinan Steel, Tianjin Rong Cheng, Xinyegang more than a dozen steel companies.

E word core flat line winding outside cold water

*Simple structure.
* Easy installation and maintenance.
* Cheaper.  

Typical user: Shagang

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