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Metallurgical Effect

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Electromagnetic stirrer different mounting positions for different blank shape metallurgical results achieved are different.

In terms of the radius of the blank:

* Mold electromagnetic stirring almost all projects have a role, and therefore the most used.
* Solidification - EMS - EMS generally used in conjunction with special needs to improve in high alloy steel, high carbon steel center segregation and center when using the maximum shrinkage.
*, So the same with very little but not as mold electromagnetic stirring and mold electromagnetic stirring in the secondary cooling zone.
On the slab in terms of:
* Mold electromagnetic stirring effect of generous than small slab of less than 4 obvious, can effectively improve the surface quality of the slab, the internal inclusions and bubbles.
* Casting mold electromagnetic flow control (including electromagnetic brake, electromagnetic acceleration, deceleration electromagnetic, FC Mold) all have a role Precursor Form, can significantly improve the surface quality of the slab, the internal inclusions and bubbles.
* Secondary cooling zone of electromagnetic stirring using the most suitable slab linear mixing method, a substantial increase in the range of stirring, which can be very significant improvement in the slab internal cracks, center segregation, a substantial increase equiaxed rate, so the most used.

A low magnification photograph:

       No agitation (billet)                   have stirred (Billet)                     without stirring (billet) 

         A stirring (Billet)                       was stirred (round billet)          with a stirring (Round Billet) 

   Without stirring (round billet)      with a stirring (round billet end)   with a stirring (round billet end)

                No agitation (slab)                                              A stirring (slab secondary cooling zone) 

      A stirring (slab secondary cooling zone)
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