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Tonghua Steel steel 100 t EAF dust blower 1800KW6KV a Voltage VFD

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Technical solutions
Main circuit as shown: 

Dust blower frequency control Frequency Control Programme
Front control room personnel by the user as needed speed operation knob sends a signal to high voltage inverter, to achieve speed control. Users can also be based on the frequency signal DCS system automatically controls the high voltage inverter output.
Inverter "remote / local" conversion control options, when the drive is "remote / local" switching control selection switch to "remote" position, the control to the DCS control system, when the drive is "remote / local" conversion control selection switch to "in situ" position, the drive control to the panel buttons or keys.
Technical Parameters
Motor parameters:
Model Rated Power Rated Voltage Rated current Rated power factor
YRKK710-6 1800KW 6KV 218A 0.81
Drive Specifications:
Input voltage: Three-phase AC RMS 6KV ± 10%
Input frequency: 50 ± 5Hz
Output voltage: three-phase sinusoidal voltage 0-6KV
Output frequency: 0-50Hz
Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz
Acceleration time: according to process requirements set
Q. deceleration: set according to process requirements
Frequency setting mode: two low speed can be adjusted within the range of 0-50Hz
Fault diagnosis and detection: automatic detection, automatic positioning
Net side power factor: 0.95 (at high speed)
Overload protection: 150% (l Allow minutes every 10 minutes), 180% immediate protection
Degree of protection: IP21
Humidity: 90% non-condensing
Production process (output frequency variation):
Low-speed (20min frequency 20HZ) - High-speed (40min frequency 47HZ)
The actual saving effect test:
Line current conditions into the line active axis average temperature average saving rate
Frequency 210A 1588KW 70 ℃ 29%
Frequency 110A (high-speed) 1429KW 42 ℃
7A (low) 40KW

Acceptance report: 


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